Tales by Solid is a contemporary brand for all who enjoy stylish, handmade sustainable products designed to last.

Tales by Solid is driven by ethics as well as aesthetics. Our goal is to offer transparent and exquisite craftsmanship. Each of our fair-trade products has a story to tell, and through every purchase positive connections are made.

Join our quest of using fashion and homeware as a platform for social change and a force of good. Fashion and homeware handcrafted with a soul and a story.

“Because how it is made, does matter.”

With each purchase of a ‘Tales by Solid’ item you’re creating lasting change in the garment and interior industry. With each purchase you directly support its maker and their families, ensuring a fair steady income, in a region where employment is scarce. 

Fair hand production

Fair knitwear, upcycled sari products and local sisal and palm leave are the key value of our production centres. Our workshops in Peru, India and Kenya focus on high quality products and high-quality working conditions. 
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