Comeback Collection

Our Comeback Collection is fashioned from deadstock, being premium excess yarns and fabrics that were going to waste.

Our Comeback Collection shows how fashion and homeware material can make a comeback in new, fresh forms. From waste to beautiful; caring for the planet and offering you recycled and upcycled products. 
100% deadstock usage, an eco friendly collection

Avoids all the water, CO2 and energy required to make new fabrics.

An important part of the mission statement of Tales by Solid Solid is to ensure a sustainable process from fabric to product. For all of our collection this starts with the search for qualitative raw materials.

In India we have chosen to use discarded sarees as the basis for our poufs, rugs and kantha plaids. A logical choice as it is widely available, local and of course a fabric crammed with personality as well as colourful. In Peru we use high quality local deadstock alpaca yarn. 

We do not see waste, we see possibilities!

The Comeback Collection is a limited line, so it will only be available for as long as the stock lasts. This is because the amount of deadstock yarn available is also limited, as it is the left-over yarn from other processes. For various reasons, there’s usually some yarn left after producing clothing and other items. It’s possible an item consists of several colours and one of them ran out. Or perhaps one of the colours had some was flawed and so the other colours were in excess. Maybe someone saw a reduction in sales and cut their order last minute. The reasons are many and it isn’t always on purpose, but it doesn’t change the fact that leftovers are a reality. To be responsible in the production of our collections, Tales by Solid aims to use up materials down to the very last thread.

Reusing materials makes the homeware and fashion collection sustainable, all the more because we are choosing local products thus minimising transport emissions. 

Using deadstock like these sarees and yarns is an important way to cut down waste and emissions in the fashion industry. Millions of tons of deadstock wind up in landfills. An uncounted number of items gets turned away because of its chemical composition and inability to biodegrade. Unfortunately these items usually end up polluting natural spaces. 

Be Kind. Think Circular. Save the planet.