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These lightweight, luxurious blankets are handknitted by our knitting ladies in Ayacucho, Peru in various colours and patterns, to match your interior just perfectly.

dark grey
light grey

Conchita and Frida: 163 cm x 150 cm
Marsipan: 156 cm x 130 cm

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Alpacas are native to the Peruvian highlands, where temperatures often fall well below zero degrees. The animals’ coat is their only protection against this bitter cold, and so their wool possesses extremely effective insulating properties. How? Alpaca wool is naturally heat regulating thanks to its hollow fibres. Similar to mohair blankets, these special hollow yarns trap your body heat more effectively than wool, and so help to keep you warm and cosy, even on the coldest of days. Alpaca fibre is having many more positive characteristics.
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Who made your blanket?

“We are one big family with all the knitters in the workshop. I get a lot of strength from that. The money I earn at Solid goes to my children. I want to give them a good upbringing, send them to school and give them a different life than mine. What remains I put into a savings account to make my own dream come true: to live in a better and bigger house. Looking back on it, I am incredibly proud.” – Lucia

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