The story of the upcycling of saris, as with the rugs, continues. When used saris are discarded, our Indian weaving ladies, turn these saris into the most beautiful cushions. All cushions are handwoven by hand, with silk sari ribbons with results in a soft subtle shiny look and feel. 

Woven by hand, a small or large cushion arises. 

Shades of light silk dance through your living room and if you want, add a touch of colour too, with our dip dye version of the upcycled cushion. A pleasure to look at, good for nature and good for people.

A cushion for everyone

We have cushions plain natural colours as well as dip dyed cushions with ice blue, emerald green, sunny yellow and caramel brown. The smaller versions are 45 cm * 45 cm, the larger ones are 90 cm * 90 cm.

Who made your cushion?

“Though I am a good seamstress, I was not able to find a suitable job. And then my father got ill. We had to borrow money to pay for his medical treatment. And since I could not find a job as a seamstress, repaying this loan was very hard. So my only option was to work as a cleaning lady in other people’s homes, a job I did not enjoy at all, it made me sad and depressed. However, I did not give up and kept on looking for a better future. And guess what …. I found myself a job in the workplace of Solid. Wow, a real handicraft workshop, finally …! I immediately felt at home. I was welcomed and loved. And one day they chose me to manage an order with another group of seamstresses. This made me so proud! It makes me so happy that I am now able to support my family, and this by doing a job where I am being appreciated and where I can use my skills as a seamstress. Some previous acquaintances, with whom I have just met  recently, told me I look so much better and happier. And that is exactly how I feel right now!…” – Nirmala Lakri

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