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From cosy essentials to gifts that spark joy, discover the magic of home. 

Meet the homeware collection of Tales by Solid. A world class collection of timeless and sustainable unique blankets, throws, cushions, wraps, rugs, baskets and more.

For the living room: the cosiest cushions, softest alpaca plaids and attractive carpets for festive gatherings and to create your own peaceful paradise at home. 

For the bedroom: exclusive esthetical ‘recycled and upcycled’ original plaids and bedcovers, the softest alpaca plaids and cosy cushions to make your private cosy retreat. 

For any room: handmade products with a purpose to make everybody feel warm and happy.

Crafted from the finest quality fibres and fabrics, ethically handmade in Peru, India and Kenya. This results in a world class collection of unique blankets, throws, cushions, wraps, rugs, baskets and more. All beautiful sustainable deco-items and all uncompromising in their quality. Each piece is made to last and to be cherished for years to come. With a passion for natural and sustainable materials, Tales by Solid sources a colourful boho-inspired as well as a minimalistic range of products.

Tales by Solid doesn’t compromise. We design all products to be beautiful, comfortable and durable pieces that have a positive impact on the world. 

Home goods by Tales by Solid is a work made with hand and heart by our artisans. They will take great pride in knowing that you have chosen these home goods to brighten up your home. Homeware as a force of good.

Each purchase supports our artisans and makes a positive impact on their lives, as all of Tales by Solid products do. All pieces have been completely handmade with love and compassion by local Peruvian, Indian and Kenyan women from poor regions in the highlands, remote areas or wildlife regions. All our artisans are compensated for their work by being given safe and decent work, and a fair salary. If you empower women, you empower the whole community.

Our products can be shopped guilt-free, knowing that each piece has been responsibly sourced, crafted with sustainable materials and made by workers who are paid fairly. From the softest alpaca wool plaids to sustainable home decoration; by buying anything from the Tales by Solid brand you will also be giving back at the same time. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Want to be a conscious retailer and interested in our ethical & handmade fashion and homeware products? We’re always happy to help you: contact us.

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