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It all starts with sari, clothing that can be found in every woman’s wardrobe in India.

The saree, or often written as sari, is a traditional garment worn by women throughout India. Saree literally means “strip of cloth” in Sanskrit. It is worn to occasions such as weddings and festivals as well as being an everyday staple. It is also the clothing item of choice for most of the artisans in Rampur, India in our fair trade workshop. The vast array of colours and designs of the draped fabric are part of what makes walking the streets in India such a treat for the eyes. 

Crochet rugs and poufs give a second life to this ubiquitous garment, meaning that their colours and patterns can continue to be enjoyed. Once a sari has become worn or faded, if a woman can’t find a use for it herself, she can give it to a passing fabric-Walhalla to be recycled. 

The saris are gathered and sorted according to the material and the amount of wear and tear, where they can then be purchased for re-purposing. Cotton and silk saris are delivered to the workshop to begin their upcycle transformation to the most beautiful rugs and poufs. 

Indian women have been using their sewing and weaving skills to repurpose the traditional saree fabric for years. Their creative designs make it possible to give sarees a beautiful second life. They are carefully washed and used to create your unique rug and pouf.

Want to more know about the process
‘From sari to rug? Click here.

The rugs feel airy and soft on the feet or it can be used as wall decoration. The poufs give you an instant relaxing feeling. They will definitely add some cosiness and character to your home.

Each rug and pouf is unique, so no two in the world are alike. So you get a unique piece in your home. Each product is handmade. For this reason it may have some minor ‘imperfections‘. These characteristics, which differ from product to product, are a guarantee of absolute authenticity. 100% handmade with love, especially for you.

A rug and pouf for everyone

Each colourful rug and pouf has its own unique combination and pattern and is made from similar colour groups of upcycled sari. Your rug will fit following colour schemes: Cool Blue, Dark Vibes, Eclectic, Green Glow, Pink & Purple, Pretty Pastel, Red Flame or Yellow & Orange.

Yellow & Orange
Pink & Purple
Green Glow
Cool Blue
Pretty Pastel

The silk sari rugs and poufs are having all a more similar Scandinavian minimalistic look and feel. 

The poufs come in a diameter of 42 cm or 50 cm.

Customized colour schemes or dimensions are available on request.

Who made your rug and pouf?

These beautiful rugs and poufs are 100% handmade in a fair way by local Indian women from Jharkand, a very poor region in the North East of the country. 

Solid, the organisation behind Tales by Solid, brings them together in an honest and sustainable craft workshop that offers meaningful and decent work to these vulnerable, underprivileged but strong women. They make beautiful handmade products that inspire to dream of a better world. And also realise this dream..

100% made in India, from A to Z.

“Before joining Solids workshop my main occupation was working on the rice fields of my family and helping my mother in the household. I am not educated well since I only went to school till the 8the grade. For this reason I knew I would not get a job anywhere and the agriculture job was very hard. I was wondering if I would ever be able to earn a proper income for myself. Then I heard about the workshop and got curious about the skills that where taught in this place. When I started I didn’t even know how to hold a needle, but with time and effort I learned how to knit. This job made me independent. The first salary I got was used to pay the construction workers at my home. I feel very proud about the new skills I learned and that thanks to them I can support my family with the wage I receive. This moment made me very happy and proud.” – Sisilia Tuti

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