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The Kantha jacket: unique, timeless, sustainable and completely traceable.

The Kantha jacket is made from recycled cotton sari pieces with beautiful print combinations handstitched with organic cotton. We love to combine and create unique stand-out looks. 

The jacket can be worn all year long. Wear it open or as a wrap-around in summer, or over a simple top or a dress. During winter you can pair it with jeans and a jumper for a chic look. They can be styled both dressed and casual. The Kantha jacket comes with a flattering belt to style your look, and it can be turned inside-out and worn with two different prints. Wear the side that best matches the occasion and your mood at that given moment.

Tales by Solid doesn’t compromise on fashion. All products are designed to be beautiful, comfortable and durable pieces that have a positive impact on the world. 

The Kantha jacket is made from recycled and repurposed local vintage saris that have been saved from landfills, demonstrating a real example of the circular economy. The jackets are handmade by women in Ranchi, rural India. Solid strives to create fair and safe employment for underprivileged women and their communities, consequently helping them break out of the poverty cycle by empowering them and offering them a fair salary for their work. The Kantha jacket is a work made by hand and heart by our artisans. These communities will take great pride in knowing that you have consciously chosen this jacket to wrap yourself up.

Each Kantha jacket has a unique design, meaning no two are the same in the world. Thanks to the artisans’ creative designs, worn and unwanted saris are turned into something new and beautiful.

Track your Kantha jacket through all the different stages of the production process. Read all about the steps we take to provide fair working conditions for our artisans, the techniques we use to produce our environmentally friendly fashion and how we pick out resources that won’t bring any harm to you or our planet. 

The versatile Tales by Solid Kantha jacket will be a staple piece in your wardrobe. 

“Fashion handcrafted with a soul and a story. Fashion as a force of good.”

Every kantha jacket is carefully produced with following commitments in mind:

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