Care & Repair

Repair, reuse, recycle
In the mid, long and x-long jackets you will find an extra piece of fabric in the pocket! In the short jackets, you will find these extra pieces carefully sewn into the jacket (easy to remove). We like to give these extra pieces as a ‘repair kit’, so that the customer can sew up any holes if necessary. Sustainability and slow fashion at its best. Have fun wearing your gorgeous jacket .

How to take care of your jacket:

All Solid pieces are made to last, but by taking extra care of your garments you can keep it looking lovely for even longer.

  • Use a washing net to avoid stitches get caught in other garments zippers etc. 
  • Spot cleaning is preferred over washing
  • Air drying on a coat rack is preferred over dryer.
  • Cut loose threads with scissors, do not pull.
  • Wash separately, and preferably in a washing net on delicate or wool programme at maximum 30ºC

Loved fashion lasts!