Fashion // Kantha Jacket

Fashion – Kantha jackets, a vintage sari fabric jacket collection

The best things in life are used, loved and rescued.
This is the principle of our kantha jacket collection!

The versatile Tales by Solid Kantha jacket will be a staple piece in your wardrobe. Made from recycled cotton saris, we love to combine and create unique stand-out looks. These jackets demonstrate a real example of circular economy, recycling and repurposing local vintage saris that have been saved from landfills. Each jacket is handmade by women in rural India, so in each stitching there is a rich history. The Kantha jacket comes in 4 lengths with a flattering belt to style your look, and it can be turned inside-out and worn with two different prints. Wear the side that best matches the occasion and your mood at that given moment. Each Kantha jacket has a unique design. Each jacket comes with a tag that lets you track each singular step in the production chain, so you can be sure it’s good for you, the planet and the women who made it.

The Kantha jacket: unique, timeless, sustainable and completely traceable.