The organisation behind

After years of experience in producing high-quality knitwear and handwoven apparel and homeware in partnership with various premium labels, we at Solid -with our purpose-driven organization – thought the time was right to launch our very own label.

Some of the partners for whom Solid fair trade workshops realise private labelling and customised handicraft. For more information and references: click here.

Tales by Solid emerged from the idea of offering high-quality, timeless and sustainable items that are easy to combine in various ways. The label is the true embodiment of our core values and motto that fashion and homeware can be a force of good. 

After many years in the business working with ethical fashion labels and other eco-conscious brands, we’ve gathered the essential knowhow to create fashion and homeware that is sustainable, both for our workers and for the planet. Tales by Solid is a label that we as a team feel good about creating, and you can feel good about wearing. 

What does Solid do? 

We run social businesses, fight gender-based violence and train professional and social skills to improve the wellbeing and welfare of underprivileged people in Peru, Kenya and India. 

We also produce and sell sustainable and socially responsible textiles and knitwear, created in our very own fair-trade ateliers. We mostly work with women, including teenage girls and women who are victims of gender-based violence. Thanks to our value-driven business set-up, we create lasting and positive changes in local communities. 

“If you empower women, you empower a whole community.”

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