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Upcycled Range. Look cool. Stay organized.

The Sari Bag is handmade in India by craftswomen with a lot of knowledge in their field. Women in India often live in harsh conditions. Solid makes a difference by offering them a meaningful job and paying an fair wage for their hard work. The impact this fair trade has on the lives of these women is enormous, and spreads through to the rest of the community in a positive way.

The Sari Bag is also produced according to the upcycling principle. The material used in this hand-woven bag is taken from old, discarded sarees. Instead of throwing them away, they are used as the basis for this bag. Thus, our waste mountain is reduced and it cuts down on raw material production! This benefits the environment and our future.

The Sari Bag is right on trend! Available in different colours, has several compartments inside, and has a fun, easy bohemian look. The bag can be used as a beach bag, for shopping or as a sports bag. In short, this bag is the best of both worlds: sustainable and stylish.

Thanks to the artisans creative designs, worn and unwanted saris are turned into something new and beautiful.

“Fashion handcrafted with a soul and a story. Fashion as a force of good.”

Who made my sari bag?
At Solid – the organisation behind Tales by Solid – , we are committed to building a strong, fair and sustainable fashion and homeware industry, with a production in Peru, India and Kenia that values and upholds artisans, their craftsmanship and their communities. With products that are high on quality and only use the best natural fibres. Solid is committed to the development of Solid’s artisan workshops promoting fair trade good practices.

Want to be a conscious retailer and interested in our ethical & handmade fashion and homeware products? We’re always happy to help you: contact us.

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