Trace your jacket

Unique pieces and fully traceable

Given that the saris have been previously owned by women in India, the product may have small imperfections, marks or loose threads. Each product is handmade, 100% authentic, and holds a story from its previous owner. Each kantha jacket has a unique design, meaning no two are the same in the world. Thanks to the artisans’ creative designs, they make it possible to give worn and unwanted sarees to be turned into something new and beautiful. 

100% traceable via a QR code for the proud owner.

Because we believe radical transparency is the way forward to continuously educate ourselves, improve our practices and help move the general industry forward. To us this is an ongoing commitment that we will attend to increasingly along the way. In collaboration with our fair-trade certification, we are doing our utmost to be transparent in relation to our employees, production, suppliers, wages and materials.

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