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The Tracey scarf: Cosy, sustainable and completely traceable

Meet Tracey, a new line of ultrasoft, super stylish and highly sustainable scarves that will accentuate any fall and winter outfit. Our lovely Tracey will keep you warm for many years to come. The Tracey scarf is made with soft yarn and mellow colours. Thanks to the collection’s subdued colour palette, you can mix and match your Tracey scarf according to your own personal style. 

Tales by Solid doesn’t compromise on fashion. All products are designed to be beautiful, comfortable and durable pieces that have a positive impact on the world. 

Tracey is produced using 100% natural baby alpaca fibers, and handknitted by women in Ayacucho, the Andes highlands of Peru. Solid works to create fair and safe employment for underprivileged women and their communities, consequently helping them break out of the poverty cycle by empowering them. Tracey is a work made with hand and heart by our knitting moms. They will take great pride in knowing that you have consciously chosen this scarf to wrap around your neck this winter. Fashion as a force of good.

Track your Tracey scarf through all the different stages of the production process. Read all about the steps we take to provide fair working conditions for our artisans, the techniques they use to produce our environmentally friendly fashion and how they pick out resources that won’t bring any harm to you or our planet. The single stripe in the design of the scarf is Tracey’s trademark and represents the connection between you and the artisan who made it.

Thanks to its subtle sophistication, the Tracey scarf will quickly become one of the essential staple pieces of your wardrobe.

“Fashion handcrafted with a soul and a story. Fashion as a force of good.”


Supply chains in the fashion industry are complex. But in Tracey’s case, every step of the production process is made traceable and transparent. You can trace the scarf back all the way from the start of the production to its finish.

In addition, we know every knitter by name and have nurtured personal and collaborative relationships with every single female artisan that makes your pieces. 

For us, every artisan is an artist who we support with fair employment and encourage in their personal development. Every scarf is accompanied by a QR-code on the washing label and hangtag, referring to the entire process of yarn sourcing, production and packaging.

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Because we believe radical transparency is the way forward to continuously educate ourselves, improve our practices and help move the general industry forward. To us this is an ongoing commitment that we will attend to increasingly along the way. In collaboration with our fair-trade certification, we are doing our utmost to be transparent in relation to our employees, production, suppliers, wages and materials.

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