New in the SS23 collection = Tracey Comeback Collection – No waste!
In every aspect of our work at Tales by Solid, we always keep our planet in mind. We promote more sustainable fashion, thinking about longevity and quality. Our ‘Tales by Solid’ collections therefore consist of beautiful products that never go out of fashion and are made to last a lifetime. We focus on making the production process as gentle on the environment as possible. We are committed to using sustainable designs and materials, and both are important to us as a team and community. Part of this is a pledge to limit waste. We always strive to reinvent our process, to look for innovative and creative ways to make our collections even better for the planet. Therefore, we’re delighted now to introduce a new line of Tracey scarves: items produced entirely with deadstock yarn!
Parallel to our existing collection of Tracey scarves, the Seasonal Collection, you can now also purchase this new line, the Comeback Collection, which is made completely with deadstock alpaca yarn. This line of Tracey scarves will be more affordable, due to the reduced production cost. It is a limited line, so it will only be available for as long as the stock lasts. This is because the amount of deadstock yarn available is also limited, as it is the left-over yarn from other processes. For various reasons, there’s usually some yarn left after
producing clothing items. In case of knitwear, it’s possible an item consists of several colours and one of them ran out. Or perhaps one of the colours had some was flawed and so the other colours were in excess. Maybe someone saw a reduction in sales and cut their order last minute. The reasons are many and it isn’t always on purpose, but it doesn’t change the fact that leftovers are a reality. To be responsible in the production of our collections, Solid
aims to use up materials down to the very last thread.

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Retail price:
Seasonal Collection €129,95 (incl. VAT)
Comeback Collection €99,95 (incl. VAT)


100% baby alpaca fiber. Baby alpaca is the finest, softest yarn, and it is highly appreciated in the industry. It is the wool obtained from the first shearing of an adult alpaca – just as virgin olive oil is from the very first pressing – the best and the most expensive!

You want to read more about the positive characteristics of bay alpaca yarn? Click here

Did you know our light grey, charcoal grey, off white and sand colours of the Tracey scarves are the natural colours of the alpaca wool. No dyes used. Pure nature.

Width: 55cm
Length: 200cm

The Tracey scarf can be worn on both sides. One side shows a flatter stitch, the other a honeycomb stitch. Both sides are beautiful. Choose the one that best reflects your mood at that moment.

Retail price: €124,95 (incl. VAT)

Colours to look forward too! Tracey will be available in soft neutrals and bright fashionable colours.

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