Take Care

All Tales By Solid pieces are made to last, but by taking extra care of your garments you can keep it looking lovely for even longer.

  • Handwash
  • Use an appropriate detergent for delicate laundry, preferably a suitable wool detergent. Don’t use a fabric softener.
  • Dry your knitwear flat on a towel. Never put it in the dryer.
  • Whenever possible, do light spot cleaning of the garment. Are there no stains, but doesn’t it smell that fresh anymore? Just hang it outside on a coat hanger for a few hours. 
  • If you have creases in your garment, never iron it directly, but keep the iron a few inches above it. Alternatively, use a cool iron on reverse or use a steamer.
  • Give your knitwear space. Is your knitwear dry and wrinkle-free? Then fold it up nicely and put it horizontally in a cupboard. 
  • Repair with love. Over time, some garments may experience a little wear and tear. Solid encourages repairs to garments that may need a little extra care to prolong its lifespan. If you find a loose thread, you can try to pull it gently, but don’t cut it with scissors.

Loved fashion lasts!

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